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Food for Thought

Posted by Forreste Markowitz | Apr 09, 2024 | 0 Comments

🧠 Food for Thought: Safe driving is the most important thing you can practice on a daily basis.  Do you know the answer to this question about safe driving in the rain? 💭

In order for your vehicle to avoid skidding on a wet road when applying emergency brake, you should:

A.  Depress and release the brake pedal repeatedly.

B.  Use handbrake and footbrake concurrently

C.  Brake hard until the car stops.

D.  Use handbrake only.

Correct Answer

A. Depress and release the brake pedal repeatedly.
Depressing and releasing the brake pedal repeatedly helps to prevent skidding on a wet road when applying the emergency brake. This technique, known as "pumping the brakes," allows the tires to maintain traction with the road surface by preventing them from locking up. When the brakes are pumped, it allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle and decrease the chances of skidding.

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